The VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center is the basis for the larger VENUSIA project, the VENUSIA Center for Sensual Spirituality.

VENUSIA Vision Phase 1: The near future of the VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center

For the VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center I have the wish to collaborate and network with other masseurs, ideally also with a man, so Tantra Massages for women given by a man can eventually be offered in the Lake Constance region as well. Since I currently offer my massages in my private rooms, these masseurs need to have their own massage room.

On personal agreement and good harmony I can imagine to teach my massage techniques.

One day, it would be wonderful if I could move to a larger apartment with a separate massage area including bathroom for my massage guests. It might even be somewhere in the country again, it does not have to be in a city. Being in the country has advantages: the silence, the parking places, the discretion. I am visualizing a large apartment, ideally with a separate entrance area for the massage center. In this case, a collaboration with other tantra masseurs would be possible. And the highlight would be if I had a room especially for small groups to share my knowledge.

I am continually learning and improving my massage techniques. I can also imagine to give public lectures and to be present on trade fairs, maybe also to give courses or seminars. Since I love being in Spain, I would also like to offer my massages temporarily in the area of ​​Alicante (El Campello).

VENUSIA Vision Phase 2: The Center for Sensual Spirituality

My bigger vision is the establishment of the VENUSIA Center for Sensual Spirituality. In this center, the most important topics of humanity are united under one roof: spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. It is about the connection of body, soul and spirit as well as of male and female. Healing of old concepts, new ways to new shores, transfer of spiritual knowledge, dissolution of blockages and anxieties, enjoyable food, relaxing massages, deep meditations, inspiring lectures and workshops support well-being and easy happiness regardless of circumstances.

Project description VENUSIA Center for Sensual Spirituality


The VENUSIA Center provides different services for holistic wellness in a worldwide unique way. According to the individual desires, the guest may choose between the following services or freely combine them:

  • VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center: Ayurveda, Lomi Lomi, Wellness, Erotic, Tantra
  • VENUSIA Natural Cosmetics: Higher Standard Beauty Treatments
  • VENUSIA Restaurant: Venusian Buffet, Organic Kitchen à la carte
  • VENUSIA Spirit Center: Lectures, Talks, Workshops, Private Sessions and Treatments, Spiritual Counseling, Groups and Trainings.
  • VENUSIA Oriental Club
  • VENUSIA Shops: Spiritual Bookstore, Venusian Jewelry, Erotic Club Wear
  • VENUSIA Motel: Rental Rooms

The architecture and decoration of the VENUSIA Center is unique – both the interior and exterior areas. The main priority lies in a balanced and harmonious atmosphere, beauty, and hospitality.


The visionary of the VENUSIA Center carries the idea that Earth including societies, religions, politics, and financial systems is currently going through a transformation process and big changes. I am sure that new ways of life in individual freedom and happiness are going to form. Self-realization and joy of life are the new main forces and replace issues like control, fear, doubts, and depression. VENUSIA sees itself as a pioneer for a new time when people on Earth will be just themselves again, learn, make experiences, receive information, express themselves freely and are simply happy.

At the VENUSIA Center, guests can receive whatever serves and enrichens them in the moment given, may it for their physical, emotional or spiritual fulfillment – or a holistic combination.

At the VENUSIA Center it is essential and unique that this place consciously serves the connection between body, soul and spirit as well as the unification between male and female energies. Finding the inner center individually and experiencing oneself as a perfect human being including spirituality, sensuality, and sexuality creates humanity. It is essential to achieve this goal in our current times and for future generations.


Since this project can only be realized in cooperation with an investor, he or she naturally may decide where the first VENUSIA center shall be established. I am open for every location, also in a different country than Germany.

The first VENUSIA Center could be outside the city of Konstanz near the Swiss border with good transport links. A distance of maximum 10-20 kilometers from the Konstanz train station is ideal.

Key Data

The VENUSIA Center requires approximately 3500 square meters indoor area plus outdoor areas for garden, club, massage, and restaurant. Additionally generous parking facilities, a two or three levels motel with 20-30 double bedrooms plus two private living houses with 3-4 rooms, community and dining room, bathroom, and kitchen.


The purpose of the VENUSIA Center is to provide the guest whatever serves his relaxation, spiritual development, individual freedom, and pure self-experience on a higher level. At the VENUSIA, the visitor may experience and receive everything that improves his life quality and inner harmony. VENUSIA sees itself as an oasis fulfilling the basic needs of the individual for his spiritual growth.


Ideally, this project will be realized in other locations worldwide. Religious and sexual freedom in the country are necessary requirements.


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