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Where the attention goes, the energy flows. Where the energy flows, things grow..

Therefore I consciously draw my attention only on those things which are worth being part of my reality.


Getting in, letting go and allowing – that’s what the tantra massage is all about. Performance or even perfection does not matter. (From the book „Tantric Massage. The high art of erotic touch“ by Kalashatra Govinda).

The term “Tantra” has been familiar to me for decades. I experienced my first Tantra massage at the Samadhi Oriental Massage Center in Alicante, Spain. I was so inspired and delighted that I decided right away not only to learn to give Tantra massages but also to integrate Tantra consciously into my everyday life and my professional life.

I feel that I have an inner connection and a natural relationship with what one might call “tantric.” It has to do with unconditional love and acceptance, with the love for sensuality and touch, with the joy to give something beneficial to another person and to receive in the given time as well. It is about the expansion of consciousness which can lead to deep relaxation, inspiration and healing. It is about immersing oneself in a different world, an intermediate world between wakefulness and sleep consciousness. Trance-like conditions are possible – in this consciousness peace with old things can be made, and new things which are more in harmony with oneself can arise.

Enjoy every moment of this day.


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Anja Schäfer VENUSIA Tantramassagen XING

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When you are with no one but me,
you’re with everyone.
~ Rumi ~

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