FAQ or Answers to the most important questions

Thank you very much for your attention!

I do not offer sexual services, but rather pleasant and relaxing touches. Please do not misunderstand my offers and first read this FAQ page (questions and answers). Thank you for your attention. Anja ~ VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center

Basics - The most important infos

Short-Checklist Massage Appointment

Please directly share the following infos with your inquiry for an appointment:

  • Confirmation that you have familiarized yourself with the most important information about Tantra Massages, for example: All VENUSIA massages are one-way giving massages for your deep relaxation (You are passive. No touching and observing of the masseuse)
  • Confirmation that you have shaved or trimmed your genital area
  • Your age
  • Which massage do you want?
  • You see pictures of me on this page. I also like to see a photo of you. This is just a wish. Discretion guaranteed – a photo is only for my own information.

Opening Hours, Cancellations, Delays

  • Massage appointments between 12 and 8 p.m. on agreement (usually first appointment after phone conversation).
  • Cancellations up to 24 hours before the appointment are free of charge. Shorter cancellations are subject to a charge. Details under cancellations and delays.
What are your opening hours?
Daily between 12 and 8 p.m. (latest appointment approx. 6 p.m.)

Spontaneous appointments are rarely possible. It’s better that you reserve your massage appointment in time (at least one day in advance, better 2-5 days)

I usually give one massages per day (max. two) so that I can be present with my full attention and energy for you.

Holiday and Education Times 2019

Due to trainings or private absence, I cannot arrange massage appointments at the following times:

    • September 19 to October 10 – Journey to India
    • October 17 to October 21 – Private


You are welcome to send me a message per WhatsApp +49 162 84 22 420 or per email to mail@venusia.center.

Phone calls only per landline +49 7775 939 44 08. If I cannot answer the phone directly, please leave a message.

Due to the bad mobile phone net in Mindersdorf, SMS and cellphone calls do not work properly and reliably.

Annotation: With all understanding for discretion, I reserve the right not to take calls from suppressed numbers.

Basics - Intimate Shaving and Hygiene

Shaving intimate area

If you would like to receive a Tantra or Tao Massage, please shave or trim your intimate area. It’s way more pleasant and smooth for both the receiver and the giver to massage with warm oil on a shaved or shortened area.

Since this detail has become of importance for me as the giver, please confirm this with your inquiry for an appointment.

Concerning hygiene

You may take a shower in my rooms, but of course it’s also good when you already arrive showered.

If you – especially in the summer – have the tendency to sweat and to produce odour, I ask you to use an anti-transpirant like Hidrofugal after your shower. Of course, I have everything necessary in the house.

The feet

This is simply a recommendation, if you have problems with callus or unhappy toenails. Men are also increasingly consulting medical foot care. This is wellness for you and it makes your feet happy and healthy.

A request to the smokers and garlic lovers

As an ex-smoker I fully understand this habit. However, I am extremely odor-sensitive since I quit smoking many years ago. During a massage with me, the physical closeness is quite large depending on the massage. Therefore I have the request to you to make sure that you do not smell so much of smoke. And please also not of garlic 🙂

Basics - Does my age play a role?

Does my age play a role?

Your minimum age must be 18. There are basically no limits to receiving a massage or attending a course, seminar or training.

If you want to receive a tantric massage, the essential thing is that you have taken note of the basics described here and would like to accept and enjoy the experience of a spiritual-sensual massage.

A t antramassage is an erotic massage, right?


A tantric massage is a spiritual-sensual massage, not an erotic massage, immersed in a small ritual of meditation, breathing mindfulness and special atmosphere, a tantra massage is a purposeless massage that invites you, with your mindfulness to be yourself.

A tantric massage is a holistic massage. Both your physical body and your soul and mind are addressed and touched.

The VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center is a place for people who appreciate the path as much as the destination.

In contrast, an erotic massage is primarily about the physical body, about pleasure gratification, about sensual stimuli, also about visual stimuli and about the goal of reaching a sexual climax. Also, in an erotic massage, the permission to observe and touch, depending on the service provider also sexual intercourse, can be a possibility. Erotic stimulation is in no way part of a VENUSIA massage – neither active nor passive.

All VENUSIA massages are one-sided. The roles are clearly distributed. You are passive as a recipient – I am active as the giver.

From deep relaxation and inner peace, the most intense, beautiful and relaxing experiences can arise.

What are your motivation and your need?
Is it your passive experience of being touched?
Can you accept the idea of ​​”non-intentional”?
Do you think it’s good to go all the way in with your attention while following meditative words (attunement meditation) and then enjoy tender, slow touches with warm oil?
Are you looking forward to a deep relaxation, a time just for you?
Can you imagine keeping your eyes closed during your massage time or using an eye mask as support?
Do you appreciate a massage in which ALL of your body parts are gently touched without you becoming active yourself?

Your personal preliminary talk

Sometimes, prior to a first VENUSIA massage, a personal preliminary talk is an advantage, as it helps to get to know each other from eye to eye and to talk about experiences and needs.

Some possible questions for yourself

Have you not experienced caresses or intimate touches for a long time?
Have you never experienced or have you ever been to a “real” – one-way-giving – tantric massage?
Do you think that in a first appointment you would be very nervous and you would find it difficult to relax?
Have you never experienced meditation or relaxation exercises in your life?
Do you have any other fears or concerns?
Is the topic “Are I cheating on my wife?”
Do you think that passive adoption is difficult for you and that you can not really enjoy the massage because of the habit of being sexually active?

If you recognize yourself in one or more of these points, you are welcome to contact me and I will invite you to visit me for an in-person interview. I offer this for up to 30 minutes for free regardless of an massage appointment. In this conversation we will find out together which kind of massage is best for you and if your wishes and ideas are in harmony with the VENUSIA offer.

In addition to personal discussions and discussions about the preliminary discussion regarding the massage, I charge 65 Euro per hour.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Anja ~ VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center

Basics - Cancellations and Delays


Cancellations up to 24 hours before the appointment are free of charge.

Short-term cancellations up to three hours before the appointment cost 90 euros the first time. Very short cancellations less than three hours before the appointment I charge with the full massage price.

I ask you to take responsibility, understanding and fairness. After an appointment, I go in full confidence in advance, because I mentally, physically, energetically and mentally adjust to you.

I can no longer give away short-term canceled appointments. Particularly bad are cancellations from 1 hour to 15 minutes before date (unfortunately already occurred), since both the room and I are already fully prepared at this time.

Since I usually only give ONE massage a day, all my attention and preparation for this encounter with you is set.

The process, if you have to cancel at short notice

I ask you to settle the outstanding amount by bank transfer, PayPal or cash. Please understand that in case of a short-term cancellation I ask you for a deposit for the next appointment.

Bank Transfer

Anja Schaefer, IBAN DE51200411440493873400


Either to mail@venusia.center or to https://paypal.me/hilarianna/XXX (in XXX use the amount).


By mail or directly into the mailbox: Anja Schäfer, Deutwanger Str. 21, 78355 Hohenfels-Mindersdorf


If you are delayed by up to 15 minutes, I ask you for a short message. Also an earlier arrival please on the way to announce me or to ask if it fits.

Please note that I can not be reached by phone before an appointment and the mobile network in Mindersdorf is weak. Messages therefore please via WhatsApp on 0162 8422420 or by email to mail@venusia.center. SMS is usually also on.

In the case of delays of more than a quarter of an hour, we clarify the further procedure individually (loss or additional charge or shorter duration of the massage).

Thank you for your understanding and acceptance.

Love and blessings


May I touch or observe you during the massage?


It is important that you focus with your attention on yourself and that you do not try to sexually interact with me. If I feel that you would like to lead the massage into a sexual action, it will distract me and disturb the effect of the massage. If you do not respect my clear limits and repeatedly try to seduce me, I will finish the massage and ask you to leave.


Since going inwards with your attention is one of the most important aspects for relaxation, I ask you to keep your eyes closed during the massage. Allow yourself to enjoy your inner experiences and to feel the gentle touches with warm oil on your whole body. The nakedness of the masseuse during Tantric Massages is NOT to serve the erotic stimulation through visual stimuli, but is rather an expression of fairness and equivalence between the giver and the receiver.

My invitation

I invite you to fully enjoy the passive devotion and to completely relax. Enjoy this special experience of passively receiving tender touches.

What do you wear during a massage?
Depending on the massage, I either wear a Lunghi (cloth), light massage clothes or nothing.

Since a tantric massage is received naked due to the inclusion of the intimate area, it is usually given naked as well. This applies in particular to the massages on the futon (Lingam Extended and Body to Body Massages) because of the more intense body proximity. This is never about erotic stimulation, but about human equivalence.

The VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center is a place for people who appreciate the journey as much as the destination.

When your consciousness is turned outward, the thinking process and the world arise. When it is turned inward, it realizes its origin and returns home to the unmanifest.
(Eckhart Tolle)

Tantra Massage
What is a Tantra Massage?
A Tantra Massage is a soothing, sensual full-body massage that is performed with warm oil in a relaxing atmosphere. The special feature of this massage is that it accepts the person as a whole – including spirit, soul, mind, emotions, and of course the physical body. All parts of the body, including the intimate area, are included in the massage.

The effect of a Tantra Massage can be deeply relaxing, inspiring and soothing. A trance-like experience may happen or a deep relaxation with pleasant aftereffects. Feelings can come to the surface, new inspirations have space. The less expectations you have and the more open-minded you come, the more likely it is that you have an intense, beautiful experience.

The VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center currently offers Tantra Massages for men only.

Doesn’t Tantra simply mean sex?

Tantra in general is a way of living, a way of thinking, a way of being and a path to spiritual awareness. It has to do with unconditional love and with transcending life experiences by choosing the non-dual way. No judgement, no criticism, but rather acceptance and love for all that is. Sexuality is a natural part of life, a part of being a human being, therefore it’s included and allowed to live sensuality and sexuality in a tantric sense.

A Tantra Massage is just a part of what is called Tantra. It includes all body parts, but NO sexual service is connected. It is about the passive enjoyment and acceptance of touches and caresses. A tantric massage is not a medical massage, although a profound healing effect can be possible through dedication and relaxation.

The roles of the person who gives and of the person who receives are clearly defined and separated from each other.

What's the difference between an Tantra and an Erotic Massage?
A Tantra Massage gives you an experience as a WHOLE BEING. Your physical body, your soul and your mind are addressed. An erotic massage is primarily about the physical body and sensual stimuli – also visual stimuli.

A Tantra Massage is a spiritual-sensual massage, that’s why it is embedded in a small ritual with meditation and special atmosphere.

The question concerning a “Happy Ending”

I do not use the term “Happy Ending”. The whole massage may be enjoyed as a “Happy Massage”. Sexual excitement, erection and ejaculation are okay and allowed. These physical reactions are just natural and can occur as a consequence of the atmosphere, the relaxation and the gentle touches. However, there is no goal and no enforcement. A Tantra Massage is generally an unintentional massage.

The VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center is a place for people who appreciate the journey as well as the destination. 

What happens when I am coming for a massage?
After your arrival, I offer you something to drink and we talk a little bit to get to know each other. If you want, you can have a shower before the massage. Then we go into my massage room. It is warm, smells good and is completely silent except for the soft background music. I lead you through a meditative greeting ritual and speak some calming words. This helps you to relax and to completely arrive within yourself, in the room and in the here and now. Then you lie down and I begin the massage with tender touches. I slowly spread warm oil on your body. Depending on the massage type, I start on the front of the body or on the back. All body parts are touched slowly and sensually. We do not talk with each other during the massage, but you can, of course, express what you want to express when you feel the need. After the massage is finished, you can relax and then either take a shower or rub the oil in your skin with a towel. The oil is good for the skin – you can take it with you. When you are ready, you take on your clothes again. You meet me again as we did in the beginning. You may drink a glass of water or a cup of tea and share some words with me, before we say goodbye.
Do I have an orgasm during the massage?
In a Tantra Massage, all parts of the body are touched and massaged. It is natural that excitement may arise. An orgasm is natural as well and may happen by itself, but it does not have to come. You may also enjoy your massage as a wonderful time in which you are touched in a unique way. It is likely that you experience your massage as at least as beautiful as a sexual contact.
Isn’t it exciting for you as well when the man gets an erection?
No. However, since I am a sensual, sensitive woman, of course I have different feelings depending on the massage guest and my ability to give may slightly vary depending on personal sympathy, but that does not mean that intimate contacts are possible in connection with a massage. I absolutely separate massages from private contacts and ask you to respect my limits.

I am fully focused on causing you a soothing, relaxing experience. That makes me happy and does me good, too.

Lingammassage &
Lingam Extended
(NEW 2019)
What is a Lingam Massage?
The Lingam Massage is a sensual massage of the front part of the body. Like in the longer Tantra Massage, the Lingam Massage is given very gently, slowly and sensitively with warm oil. The conclusion of this sensual journey with warm oil in a relaxing atmosphere is the massage of your intimate area, in Tantra called “Lingam”.

You may choose if you would like to enjoy the Lingam Massage on the massage bank or on the futon.

What is the Lingam Extended Massage?

Lingam Extended Massage – The more intense Enjoyment


Die Lingam Extended Massage ist eine tief entspannende, tantrische Ganzkörpermassage, in der deiner Intimzone besondere Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt wird.

Wähle die Lingam Extended, wenn du dir eine besondere Erfahrung wünschst:

  • Längerer und intensiverer Genuss durch eine ausgedehnte, kreative Lingammassage.
  • Mögliches Erleben von mehr als einem Höhepunkt durch mehrere direkte Intimmassagen.
  • Erfahren wunderschöner, gleichwertiger Berührungen deines ganzen Körpers, wobei Erektion und Höhepunkt keine Rolle spielen. In einer tantrischen Massage geht es nicht um Leistung. Du musst nichts erbringen, nichts zeigen, nichts beweisen.

Was ist wichtig für dich zu wissen?

Die Lingam Extended Massage ist bei aller Sinnlichkeit keine Erotikmassage. Es ist eine Tantramassage, also eine ganzheitliche Massage, die dich als ganzen Menschen annimmt und berührt. Eine isolierte Massage der Intimzone wird nicht angeboten (keine Prostatamassage).

Wie alle anderen VENUSIA Massagen ist auch die Lingam Extended eine absichtslose, einseitig gebende Massage. Das Berühren der Masseurin und die eigene visuelle Stimulierung durch Beobachten gehören nicht dazu. Es geht darum, dass du diese Zeit nur für dich genießt und dass du mit deiner Aufmerksamkeit ganz bei dir bleibst. Auf diese Weise entspannst du am tiefsten und kannst sehr intensive Erlebnisse haben.

Der Massageraum, der Zeitraum und die Masseurin sind für deine Erfahrung da, für dein Erlebnis und für deinen Genuss. Es geht um dein natürliches Sein als Mann, als Mensch, um das Erfahren deiner Männlichkeit und deiner Lebensenergie.

Deine Erektion darf sein, es kann aber auch eine sehr schöne, genussvolle Erfahrung sein, wenn du die Berührungen ohne sichtbare Erregung genießt. Es geht nicht darum, ein Ziel zu erreichen. Ein sexueller Höhepunkt darf jedoch geschehen, weil er eine natürliche, körperliche Reaktion ist – wenn es passt und sich ergibt, auch mehrmals. Wie auch immer dein Körper auf die Situation und die Berührungen reagiert, ist es in Ordnung.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen der Lingam Extended und den anderen VENUSIA Massagen?

In den anderen tantrischen VENUSIA Massagen (Lingammassage, Tantramassage und Body-to-Body-Massage) werden die direkten Intimberührungen vor allem in der letzten Phase gegeben. In der Lingam Extended wird dem Intimbereich mehr Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt, bis zu ca. 45 Minuten von den insgesamt 90 Minuten Massagezeit. Dies bedeutet, dass der Intimbereich in der Massagezeit intensiver in die Ganzkörpermassage eingeschlossen wird und es insgesamt zu anderen Wellen der Selbsterfahrung und Empfindungen kommen kann.

Kommunikation in der Massage?

Auch wenn das Genießen jeder VENUSIA Massage ohne verbalen Austausch besonders schön ist, so kann es speziell in der Lingam Extended sinnvoll sein, während der Massage punktuell kurz miteinander zu kommunizieren, eventuell durch vorher vereinbarte Signale. Im Vorgespräch besprechen wir, worauf es dir im Besonderen ankommt. Natürlich kannst du auch einfach alles auf dich zukommen lassen und dich ganz im Vertrauen der Erfahrung hingeben.

Die Lingam Extended Massage wird auf dem Futon (Boden) gegeben.

Reine Massagezeit: 90 Minuten (keine Berechnung für Vorgespräch, Meditation, Nachruhen und Duschen)

Body-to-Body- Massage
What is a Body-to-Body-Massage?
A Body-to-Body-Massage is a heavenly full-body-massage given on the futon. In addition to my hands and arms, I temporarily use my whole body. The last part of this very sensual massage is a lingam massage.

If you would like to receive a Body-to-Body-Massage, you must know some details:

  • The VENUSIA Oriental Massage centers currently offers the Body-to-Body-Massage for men only.
  • An appointment for this massage is only possible on individual agreement and after personal contact through a previous Lingam or Tantra Massage.
  • The rules are the same like in all other massages: The Body-to-Body-Massage is a one-way giving massage that you may deeply enjoy passively.


(NEW 2019)
What is the Tantra Sensory Massage?
The Tantric Sensory Massage is a sensual full body massage that gently pays special attention to your five physical senses and the sixth sense of the imagination. The quiet response of all the senses, each one is sharpened and the massage is felt even more intense.

The Tantric Sensory Massage is a VENUSIA massage, which developed from the tantric massage. The special thing about this massage is the combination of the conscious activation of the human senses with gentle touches, so that your attention can go even easier inside.

Tasting, smelling, hearing, feeling about the skin and seeing are the five senses with which you experience your material world. As a sixth sense we address the imagination in the Tantra Mind Massage, ie your inner world. For this purpose, I have put together a pleasant sound sequence of natural tones, through which you make a journey through the four elements of nature (fire – earth – air – water) in one part of the massage.

Let yourself be surprised how your senses are activated in detail and how deeply you can experience and enjoy yourself. If you wish, the intimate massage is included in the sensory massage. As in every tantric massage, all touches in the tantric sensory massage are unintentional. Excitement and physical climax may happen.

In the initial phase we activate your sense of sight, after which saturation you wear an eye mask for the more intensive perception of your other senses during the massage. If certain reasons make wearing an eye mask difficult or impossible for you, please tell me in advance.

The Tantric Sensory Massage can be wonderfully relaxing, decelerating and grounding. As on every beautiful journey, here are some surprises that make it an unforgettable festival of touch of body and soul.

Tantra Massages for
Tantra Massages for Women
Since the VENUSIA Oriental Massage Center offers Tantra Massage for men only, but is teaching interested men in the art of giving Tantric Massages, you as a woman are welcome to receive a Tantra Massage given by one of these men.

They are all empathetic, tenderly and absolutely flawlessly interested in giving a woman a beautiful massage experience. You can have complete confidence and let yourself go. All massages are pure one-way giving massage that you may deeply enjoy passively.

If you would like to experience a Tantra massage via VENUSIA, please send a message giving some information about yourself, if you speak German and your contact information.

Tao Massage
What is the Tao Massage?
The Tao Massage is the most sensual and slowest of all full-body massages. It is energetically balancing and deeply relaxing. By its tender intensity and beneficial effect on body, soul and spirit, it can solve blockages and may have healing effects of the physical body, the emotional area or the consciousness, especially when applied repeatedly.

The special feature of this massage is its clear structure and slowness. The process was developed by the Tao experts Stephen Russel and Jürgen Kolb and is based on the Taoist system of meridian theory and yin and yang (male and female principles). The Tao massage has been thoroughly thought through in order to alternate phases of excitation, relaxation, stillness, and balance.

The Venusia Oriental Massage Center currently offers the Tao Massage for men only.

The Blind Enjoyment
What is the "Blind Enjoyment"?
“The Blind Enjoyment” deepens your sensual massage experience, as your sense of sight remains passive for the duration of your stay with the help of an eye mask.

The sense of sight is a very important sensory organ that often dominates the other sense organs. In the “blind enjoyment” which can be applied to any massage, you will automatically perceive all touches and sensations on your other sensory organs (hearing, smell, touch through the skin, taste) much finer and more intense. This supports your inner retreat and can cause new self-experiences.

Specifically, “Blind Enjoyment” means that you find an eye mask outside of my door. You put it on before you knock at the door. I open, take you by your hands and lead you into the massage room. I undress you slowly. You can feel safe and secure. Then you receive your massage “blindly”.

At the end I rub with a towel most of the oil from your body – the rest is good for your skin. If you want to take a shower, I’ll guide you to the bathroom (always with an eye mask – you wear it consistently until you leave my rooms). I’ll bring your clothes to the bathroom. After showering and getting dressed, you put the eye mask back on and knock on the door or send me a whats app. I’ll pick you up and lead you to the front door where we say good-bye.

Experience your massage even more sensual and intense by the total focus on your (non-visual) senses, sensations and feelings.

What is a Wellness Massage?
A Wellness Massage simply serves for relaxation and wellbeing. In a pleasant atmosphere, I massage your body both tenderly and with a little pressure – I go by my feelings. I always use warm oil, because it feels so nice on the skin. The massage can only be for the back, for the back side of the body or for the whole body. The intimate area is not included in a Wellness Massage and will be covered respectfully.

I give Relax Massages to men and women.

Energetic-Tibetan Back Massage
What is the Energetic-Tibetan Back Massage?
The Energetic-Tibetan Back Massage (also “Tibet-Massage” or simply “ET”) is a very gentle back massage which can have deep and beneficial effects just because of its gentleness.

This massage form has its origin in Tibetan monasteries. It has been developed by monks in order to restore the balance between body, soul and spirit. From psychosomatics, meanwhile we even know in our Western world that negative emotions and thoughts are sooner or later physically manifested. “Negative” feelings are for example fear, grief, anger, envy, hatred, jealousy, greed, and avarice, meaning all kinds of emotions that cause melancholy and a closed heart. “Negative” thoughts are for example beliefs and perspectives that express separation and resistance to other people, things, or circumstances, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Every pain sustained in the human system is yearning for energy and light to be transformed into love.

It is a great challenge to replace all judgment and criticism more and more with love and acceptance. This counts both for oneself as well as to thoughts about other people and situations.

Against this background, the Energetic-Tibetan Back Massage can help the recipient solve blockages stored in the body. The massage is so deeply relaxing that almost always trance-like consciousness states are noticeable. In this deep inner stillness, healing processes can be supported.

This special back massage consists of a few, very gentle massage touches, which follow a certain sequence and are repeated slowly. An essential module is the lemmniscate (horizontal eight, sign of infinity).

The Energetic-Tibetan Back Massage has a preventive and balancing effect and can also be used as a “burn-out prophylaxis”. On the physical as well as on the mental and spiritual level, this massage causes deep relaxation and well-being.

Although a single treatment is wonderfully beneficial, we recommend a series of 8-10 massages. This gives time to the inner processes and helps to become aware of the transforming effect of the “Tibetan Massage”.

The Energetic-Tibetan back massage is available for men and women on the massage couch.

What is an Energetic Footmassage?
Relaxation Therapy &
Spiritual Counselling
What is a Relaxation Therapy?
In a relaxed conversation, you may express everything that moves you. An inspiring, harmonious exchange emerges by itself.

Possible subjects:

Tantra as a path
Massage counseling
Relationships, partnerships, living as single
Professional orientation
Challenges and crisis as chances for spiritual growth
Desires and hopes
Death, reincarnation, transformation processes
Love as the basis of creation

What is meditation?
The meaning of a meditation is the calming of thoughts as well as the immersion into silence and into the present moment. It is about the inner connection with the true self, the soul. Through a meditation, inspiration can emerge, answers to questions and solutions to problems can be found. But also the simple concentration can be soothing. It is like calming a troubled water – through the stillness the lake becomes mirror-smooth.

I offer meditations for two or in small groups by appointment.

Do you have questions or would you like to arrange an appointment?
Send an email to mail@venusia.center or call +49 (0)7775 9394408.

WhatsApp +49 (0)162 8422420.