VENUSIA Tantra, Tao, Relax & Energy Massages on Lake Constance (Bodensee)

All VENUSIA massages combine intuition, feelings and traditional teachings. Sensitively and affectionately, gentle touches cause unexpected pleasure and deep relaxation.


Tantra, Tao, Relax & Energy Massages on Lake Constance (Bodensee)


Tantra Massage
Very sensual full-body massage

for men – incl. Lingam Massage (Genital area)

90 min. massage couch – 150 €
120 min. massage couch – 200 €

Please read the information “What is a Tantra Massage?” on the FAQ page.

Lingam Massage
Sensual massage 

for men incl. genital area

60 min. massage couch – 90 €
60 min. futon – 110 €

Please read the information “What is a Lingam Massage?” on the FAQ page.

Tao Massage
The most sensual of all full-body massages

for men

120 min. – INTRODUCTORY PRICE until Feb. 28, 2018: 120 Euros (from March 1, 2018: 150 Euros)

Please read the information “What is the Tao Massage?” on the FAQ page.

Energetic-Tibetan Back Massage
A heavenly back massage – gentle and deep

for men and women

50 Min. – INTRODUCTORY PRICE until De. 31, 2017: 50 Euros (from Jan. 1, 2018: ca. 60 Euros)

Please read the information “What is the Energetic-Tibetan Back Massage?” on the FAQ page.

Very sensual Body-to-Body Massage 

Full-body massage incl. genital area. Appointment for men possible after personal contact through a Lingam or Tantra Massage

60 min. Futon – 150 €
100 Min. Futon – 200 €

Relax Massage
Relaxing Massage for Wellbeing

for women and men on the massage couch

Back massage 30 min. – 35 €

Back-side-body massage 60 min. – 60 €

Full-body massage 90 min. – 75 €

Please read the information “What is a Relax Massage?” on the FAQ page.

Tantra Massage on Lake Constance (Bodensee)

I do not offer sexual services, but rather pleasant and relaxing touches. Please do not misunderstand my offers and read my FAQ page (questions and answers) before asking for an appointment.

Current Special Offers


Sensual EXTRAS in the Venusia Oriental Massage Center on Lake Constance (Bodensee)


A refreshing shower is included before and after all massages.

Alternatively you are welcome to keep the pleasant oil on your skin and take it with you.

The Blind Enjoyment

+ 20 €

“Der blinde Genuss” vertieft deine sinnliche Erfahrung durch das Tragen einer Augenmaske während deines gesamten Aufenthaltes. Mehr Infos auf der FAQ-Seite “Was ist “der blinde Genuss?”

Relaxing bath

20 min. with foam bath + 15 €

20 min. with Salica Lightsalts (support cleansing and clarity) + 25 €

You relax in the warm bathtub surrounded by pleasant fragrances and candles. You are served a tea or water. You may enjoy the bath before or after the massage.


Spiritual EXTRAS in the Venusia Oriental Massage Center on Lake Constance (Bodensee)

Spiritual Counseling

also available independent of a massage

per minute 1,50 €

Personally, on the phone, per chat or per Skype.


Spiritual conversation for clarity, new perspectives, insight into highter consciousness (soul, creation, evolution, reincarnation, etc.), wisdom and unconditional love.

In a relaxed conversation, you may express everything that moves you. I am spiritually experienced and give you my full attention while sharing love and empathy with you. Following my intuition and according to the situation, I can also use astrology or differerent cards to receive new impulses. An inspiring, harmonious exchange emerges by itself.


also available independent of a massage

30 min. 25 €


With my calming, warm voice I guide you through a light visualization or lead a meditation based on ZEN. Stillness of thoughts arises by itself.

The meaning of a meditation is the calming of thoughts as well as the immersion into silence and into the present moment. It is about the inner connection with the true self, the soul. Through a meditation, inspiration can emerge, answers to questions and solutions to problems can be found. But also the simple concentration can be soothing. It is like calming a troubled water – through the stillness the lake becomes mirror-smooth.

I offer meditations for two or in small groups by appointment.