Kundalini Summit – Awaken your energy within!

Including an interview with me, Anja Schäfer, about my Kundalini experience

(Ein Kundalini Summit ist ein kostenloser Online-Kongress. Dieser Kongress ist nur auf Englisch.)

Dear friends of VENUSIA Massages!

The Online Kundalini Summit took place between March 1 and March 5, 2018. In 23 video interviews, host Ingrid Niedermayr talked with masters from different spiritual fields about kundalini, the force of life, chi. You can get to know the secrets of the human energetic system and integrate those insights in your life.

  On Sunday 4, I was speaking for the first time publicly about my Kundalini experience which had been triggered by Omnec Onec’s unconditional love and our close friendship. 

Now, after the Kundalini Summit, you still have access to ALL videos and a bunch of bonus material for a price of 47 Euros (later 129 Euros).

 Love & Blessings